Superpower your Writers with AI-generated Content Briefs

Good content and SEO are interdependent - your content has to meet user intent. However, writers frequently struggle to create content that is both well written, and SEO optimized. Frase's content briefs provide an overview that covers key data points for a writer to consider, including top sources, topics, summaries, statistics and links. The ultimate goal is to help your writers spend less time researching and more time being creative, while following SEO best practices.

“Frase is exactly what I was looking for. Having an SEO brief at the start of an article has improved the search rankings of my articles and helped my writers tremendously.”

Fernando Nikolic

Digital Marketing Consultant at

Content Briefs Give your Writers a Research Head Start

Frase's AI system reads the top 10 results for a given search query and extracts the following data points:


List of sources and average word count.


List of most important topics mentioned across sources.

Highlights for Topics

Relevant snippets for each topic.


Sentences mentioning statistics and factual information across sources.


Bulleted summary for each source.


Frequent domains (and their links) mentioned across sources.