The AI Layer for your Content

For anyone creating content on a regular basis, Frase helps you research faster so you can focus on creativity.

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The Frase AI Layer leverages 3 engines

The Frase Content Intelligence Platform

Frase Research Assistant

Only 1% of your content gets read, and that may be because it doesn't match user intent. The Frase Research Assistant helps you create content your audience cares about.

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Loved By Content Professionals

Frase is trusted by marketing teams, agencies, and knowledge workers alike.

It is very clear that what took me a few hours throughout the week to curate now takes 10 minutes or less. We are willing to rely on Frase's automatic summaries, so I could see putting together a solid newsletter in 30-45 minutes.

Taylor Pipes

Content Marketing Manager at Branch

An essential part of the content strategy process is a task that before could’ve taken anywhere up to two hours and now is effectively automated. The time we save researching, planning, and scoping, can be put to better use working on our craft – writing.

Jordie Black

B2B Copywriter at CopyAndCheck

Frase really has made the content creation process much quicker and more targeted. As a writer, Frase is simply the best research assistant I could ask for. But its ability to make automated content briefs is really what makes it a game changer.

Tom Wells

Content Strategist