Go Deeper in your Newsletters with Automatic Article Summarization

Newsletters offer readers an easy way to stay current on their topics of interest. Marketers have to curate the best possible content and add their own perspective. Frase learns from your research topic, monitors the web and summarizes sources to help you produce newsletters faster.

"It is very clear that what took me a few hours throughout the week to curate now takes 10 minutes or less. That's truly unbelievable and with a better newsletter template and a team that is willing to rely on Frase's automatic summaries, I could see putting together a solid newsletter in 30-45 minutes."

Taylor Pipes

Content Marketing Manager at Branch Messenger

Scale your Newsletter with AI-powered Research Tools

Monitor the Web with Advanced Filters to Find Relevant Content

Every day, Frase processes hundreds of thousands of new articles, which allows the system to stay current on topics and trends. Frase Monitors allow you create rules to filter through the noise, including boolean queries, content filters and custom sources. The final result is a targeted feed of contents, including summaries and trending topics.

Handpick Relevant Summaries to Compose a Newsletter Body

Frase makes it easy to insert article links and summaries with one click. Frase-generated summaries allow your readers to decide whether a particular article is worth reading.

Add Commentary and Make It Your Own

Once you are done curating a selection of summaries, write your own introduction and make edits as needed. The final result is a newsletter that combines AI-driven automation with your own personal insights.