Win at SEO with Topic-Optimized Content

Frase Content Optimization scores your article against search results and identifies your topics gaps. You can optimize content as you write or review your existing content to insure you stay in the top search results.

"When writing or optimizing content, Frase tells me what specific topics I should touch on to win on organic search"

Joe Robison

Founder at Green Flag Digital

Insert SEO into your Creative Writing Workflow

Import your Content and Set your Target Query

Start by defining what search query you want to rank for, and the piece of content to be optimized. Frase makes it easy for you to keep your content relevant and up-to-date.

Content Scoring and Actionable Insight

Frase scores your content against top search results and quantifies topic gaps. It idenfities a target score based on analyzing competing content for your target search query.

Visually Identify your Topic Gaps

Frase takes the guesswork out of your content optimization by comparing your content with patterns of topic distribution in top search results.